8 March 2012

Review: New Girl - Season 1, Episode 14 "Bully"

That is one little guitar.(image from www.fox.com)


Wow, we are up to the 14th episode already! They are going by fast and a Wikipedia search reveals that it was commissioned for 24 episodes so we are well and truly settled into the season now and comfortable with all of the characters. All I can say is thank god I can stream it online because in Australia they are only up to airing episode 5! Not enough to feed my addiction to the feel good show.

I love that New Girl’s B and C episode arcs are often as good, if not better than the main storyline. This week Nick’s cactus situation was hilarious, I was not actually expecting him to drop it and have it smash completely! The skewers were also great. The voicemail montage was another laugh out loud moment showing the Nick’s neurotic side once again and the post break up smiling was truly disturbing, I will take turtle face any day! I was a bit disappointed in the way the Julia storyline was ended, it kind of came out of nowhere and no real reason was given for the break up. It will be sad to see Lizzy Caplan leave the show, she fit in well with the gang but we all know that the relationship was never going to last forever, maybe the Nick/Jess (lets go with “Ness”, sounds better than “Jick”!) hook up will be coming to the forefront soon. I wonder if the post break-up will evoke the same reaction from Nick as Caroline! Should we expect another cock fight in Mexico? It should be entertaining regardless. Go team Ness!

The Cece/Schmidt (“schmece”?) storyline continued this week with some sneaking around, I wonder how long the writers will be able to keep this plot line going for. Schmidt seems to steal the show again. I did enjoy the “sex dog” reference and I was kind of surprised that Cece wasn’t hiding the relationship because she was ashamed/embarrassed about Schmidt’s general behaviour but afraid of being showed off. The best part of this revelation was that “parkour” made a return! It totally made up for the cheese references which started to annoy me a bit (I admit I liked “party with havarti’) and was definitely one of my favourite laugh out loud moments of the ep. It was my highlight in episode 5 “Cece crashes” and it was nice to see it revisited, not the last one I hope!

Now to the main storyline of Jess and the bully. I am glad we finally got to see jess at school doing her teacher thing, the songs were just what I wanted to see and we got another funny guest appearance of the principal Tanya, (Rachael Harris). Can you honestly imagine Jess as a “kid hater”, ha! This school setting should bring some good material for future episodes, I think there is a lot more to be explored. I am glad Winston got some “Jess time” was involved in the main storyline, instead of being shoved on the side line and he made a great wing man at the science fair, the scissors were great as was the bully flash back.

Cant wait for the next episode!

Favourite moment:    parkour returning
Favourite quote:        brown lightning!
Rating:                      7/10 dollars in the douche bag jar
Flick of Approval:      approved

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