24 August 2013

Week 2 - Your Tea Tiny Tea - 28 day tea tox challenge

HALF WAY!!! Wow, 2 weeks go by so fast! I am now in the routine of drinking tea before my meals.

Tip:  Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes after drinking it so you know when you can eat!

The Tea:

I am now used to the taste of the tea and liking it a lot moreMake sure you let the tea steep for long enough before you drink it, or better yet, leave the bag in the cup (I am normally one of those people who hates doing this because I think it makes the flavour bitter). Your Tea recommends letting it steep for 5-7 minutes but I don't usually have that much time to stand around waiting so I now leave the bag in the cup. There is no point in paying $55 for tea if you are going to drink it weak. I want to gain the full effect of the ingredients it contains!
Warm cup of goodness, should have left the bag in!

16 August 2013

Week 1 - Your Tea Tiny Tea - 28 day tea tox challenge

Well it has been 7 days already! So the first week hasn't gone exactly to plan (more on that later) but I am enjoying it so far.

My new morning pal

My biggest challenge so far is ensuring that I drink it 30 minutes prior to each daily meal. It has made me appreciate how much I am used to immediate gratification of having a meal whenever I feel like, I am a lot more conscious of when I eat now. There have been a couple of occasions which I have forgotten to have it and I drank it with a meal or after a meal, mainly at dinner time. Your Tea advises against late night consumption so I will be a lot more conscientious from now on .


2 August 2013

Your Tea Tiny Tea Teatox - 28 day tea tox challenge and review

Join me on my journey over the next 28 days as I undertake the Tiny Tea 28 day tea tox! Will Tiny Tea will get the Flick of Approval?

The tea tox:
Pretty simple, 28 days, 84 cups of tea. Drink 30 minutes before each meal, no changes to diet or exercise required. I will be posting weekly updates of my progress and also a final review after I have completed the tea tox.
Will tiny tea = tiny me?