26 September 2013

Spring is Here!

If you live in Australia, winter is finally over. The days are getting longer and brighter again. You can feel it in the air, that renewed sense of positivity that comes with sun shine and freshness in anticipation of the months to come. Apart from wanting a wardrobe update and cleaning your house, the start of a new season is always a chance for a fresh start, and to set new goals and new intentions. 
“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. The only thing that could spoil a day was people and if you could keep from making engagements, each day had no limits.” 
Ernest Hemingway,
A Moveable Feast

Sounds simple, if you are a fan of sunshine and flowers then Spring = happiness and there are no limits, right?

There are articles all over the place about what goals to set for spring but I think the start of any new season or phase is also a really great time to reflect on the last 3 months and take stock of what has happened. What, if anything, did you achieve? Do you know what you want to get out of the next few months? What are steps you can put into place to get you to what you want? How do you feel right now? How do you want to feel?

Whoa, sorry that got intense! What I am trying to say is that we all have milestones or goals but sometimes you need to look at the feeling or intention behind it to discover what you actually want. How are you supposed to do something if you don't know why you are doing it?

22 September 2013

Final impressions and summary - Your Tea Tiny Tea - 28 day tea tox challenge - 2 weeks on

Tea tox officially complete!
Well... Almost!
Final Effects and Results

Whilst I didn't loose much weight (summary at the end), the tea pretty much did everything it said it would do, lets have a quick review what their website says should happen:
  • Toxin removal.
  • Reduction in body fat.
  • Reduction in fluid retention.
  • If you have any cellulite, it should clear up significantly.
  • Your skin and eyes will clear up and when TinyTea is consumed along with a healthy diet, your mind & spirit should feel more grounded, less agitated.
  • Feel more energised and full of life.
I don't feel bloated, I didn't really to start with though*. Although I have not lost much weight, I can definitely notice increased muscle tone. I have been going to strength classes the gym regularly so it may affect you differently if you are not exercising during the tea tox. Reduction in cellulite, tick, didn't notice a change in my eyes at all. Feeling more grounded and less agitated, BIG TICK.
"You will however, feel much more energetic and as a result you may feel inclined to increase your work-out!"
This increase was huge! This was the single biggest change that I noticed during the tea tox and my biggest improvement! I just felt so great and energised the entire time and that happened almost immediately after starting the tea. I think the results speak for themselves, I went from 2 gym sessions in week 1 to 5 in week 4, crazy. My mood was great, and I really did become a lot more mindful about my portion sizes, what I was eating and whether or not I really wanted something, or if it was just a habit to eat it (especially snacks). That feeling of being so full after a meal took me a while to get used to. I went into this expecting more of a dramatic weight loss and that is about it but I found the opposite that everything else is affected and for me the weight was secondary. While I am disappointed that there was not much of a weight loss,
if I had of cleaned up my diet more I suspect that I would have had stronger results, I did want to test the effect of the tea only so I think it is a reasonable result.


11 September 2013

Week 4 - Your Tea Tiny Tea - 28 day tea tox challenge

The Tea

Last week! The teatox is nearly at an end. I am feeling a little sad that I won't have my regular cuppa. While it will be a relief not to be so regimented I am actually a bit worried about how I will feel when I don't have the tea pepping me up anymore. I am curious to see if I notice a difference, I may not, or I may crash and burn!

Going to miss my study buddy!

Effects and Results

One thing I was not expecting to see was cellulite reduction. I didn't even realise it had happened until I was putting on some body lotion the other day. While it has not completely disappeared, any reduction is always welcome. I was pretty surprised with this result, I double checked the your tea web site and they do list this as a possible effect, what a bonus! If cellulite reduction is all that is you are looking for, Your Tea do an Anti C tea for that (I have not tried this).


3 September 2013

Melissa Ambrosini workshop review - Me, Myself and Winter - Babes not Bears

Melissa Ambrosini is the author of the heath and wellness blog Path to Wellness. After receiving and email from my local Barre fitness studio promoting a workshop hosted by her, I decided to give it a go.

The Babes not Bears workshop is all about getting motivated during winter to improve your health and wellness, here is what her web page says about it:
Babe, Excuses are for men. Fall in love with winter, and more importantly you. Forget the summer fling, it’s time for a Winter romance.
Remember there is a body hidden under all those layers, it’s time to change things up:
Track Pants for Gym Gear
Hot Chocolate for Herbal Tea
Couch for Yoga Mat
Ugg Boots for Runners

Join me to learn all about looking after yourself inside and out this winter. Think of this as the perfect Saturday afternoon with the girls. We’ll swap skincare tips, talk love and share our wellbeing secrets.
Workshops took place in various locations around Australia costs varied depending on the location. I attended the Hobart workshop which was $45. Within hours of receiving the email, the two sessions were completely sold out! There is definitely a high demand in Hobart for these events.

Prior to the workshop I checked out her blog and downloaded the free excerpt of her e-book so I had an idea of the kind of night I was in for. I found the content very relevant to me so I was quite excited to attend!

2 September 2013

Week 3 - Your Tea Tiny Tea - 28 day tea tox challenge

Three quarters of the way through the teatox and I am feeling excellent! 

The Tea

I was a little naughty this week and I only drank 2 out of the required 3 cups of tea on a few days. It was always evening tea because I either forgot, wasn't home and didn't have the tea with me, or I got home and dinner was already cooked and waiting and I wasn't prepared. This highlights the importance of organisation as it is week 3 and I should have it down by now! Realistically we all have busy lives and if you spontaneously decide to go out for dinner you cannot plan a drink 30 minutes in advance.
Always in my bag
I attended the babes not bears, me myself and winter workshop (a wellness/ fitness workshop) hosted by the lovely Melissa Ambrosini. This was really perfect timing for where I am at right now and has definitely contributed to my outlook and motivation (you can read my review of the event here).

Effects and Results

My energy levels have gone through the roof and I have unintentionally DOUBLED my gym attendance this week. I actually wanted and felt like going to the gym, what is going on! I am very curious to see how energised I am feeling when I am no longer on the teatox because I am really addicted to this feeling right now!