28 November 2013

Thursday Thought - Show Up to Life

If you read my blog often, you will notice I like consuming wellness content! I am a giant sponge and want to soak up all info I can get my hands on because I like learning and it keeps me motivated. After attending two wellness related workshops this year (review here and another one soon) I started writing some tips if you are attending any sort of wellness session. As I wrote I thought, “hang on”, these things should not only be applied to workshops but life in general!

The lovely background image is named escape of the dandelions by Ines Perkovic

Do you show up to your own life? You may show up for your loved ones, work, that dentist appointment you have been putting off, but what about your life. It can be hard not to go through the motions while your mind drifts off elsewhere or take the path you should follow over the one that you want. This is a pretty big topic and there is lots of online content going way deeper into this. 

Tips for attending Workshops Life
  • Enter with an open mind, positive attitude, jump in and give yourself over fully to what you are doing (be present).
  • Leave your expectations at the door along with any personal hangups.
  • Have a think about what you are about to do and prepare questions. Why are you even doing what you are doing? Get answers to your questions!
  • Journals and notebooks are great for note taking and to reflect back on later.
  • Drink lots of water.
Sound simple? Give it a try and see for yourself, you might be surprised :)

“90% of life is just showing up” – Woody Allen

Flick xx

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