27 August 2014

Flick does: Hip Hop Yoga – Yoga 213 Melbourne review, my experience of hip hop yoga!

Image via Yoga 213

So what is hip hop yoga? Do you groove your way through a sun salutation? Imagine doing your vinyasa to some fresh hip hop beats. Sound like your kind of thing? Then Hip Hop Yoga is for you! I like to spice up my practice every now and again and when I had a trip to Melbourne coming up I took it as the perfect opportunity to try something new and do some hip hop yoga. So what was it actually like in reality? I headed to Yoga 213 to find out.


A google search of ‘hip hop yoga’ will lead you to the only studio around, Yoga 213 (Melbourne and Sydney). They have  a slick looking easy to navigate website with everything you need to know, class styles, prices, timetables – it’s all there. I booked for my class before my trip and paid online via Mind Body (a booking software common to many yoga studios) super easy as I already had the app for my regular studio, bonus!
There were a few choices of classes, Chill, Yin or Hip Hop, obviously I went straight in and clicked on hip hop and this was the description:
“Make your move. Find your groove…. Loud beats help you move…..Tune in while you tune out. Bend. Stretch. Harness your practice. Let go.”
Sounds fab. Sign me up.


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