16 February 2014

A Special Announcement...

Hi everyone, I know it has been a long time since my last post and there are reasons for this:
  1. I have been on holidays from uni (which technically means I have more time for blogging but really means I am enjoying doing didley squat!)
  2. I have been working (not really an excuse).
So.... apart from those crappy reasons, I am excited to say the real reason is that I have been busy CREATING AN ENTIRE NEW LOOK & DIRECTION FOR FLICK OF APPROVAL!!!!

It has happened.... I am making the move from blogger to wordpress! This actually involves a fair whack of work and takes some time, in fact my changeover experience may just be the makings of a great post, so I apologise for my absence. In the mean time and as uni goes back in a few weeks I am sure the posts will be coming thick and fast from all of my study procrastination! I have a whole list of ideas brewing and trying to split my time between creating content and doing all the little bits of tweaking on the new site.

The good news:

  • This blogger site won't be disappearing anytime soon, I will most likely be redirecting post links but not quite up to that stage yet.
  • The Flick of Approval will be better then ever, I will be a lot more active and posting on a more regular basis.
  • The new blog looks amaze!! Just saying. Personal opinion :)
and the best part is:
IT IS LIVE NOW! It is not quite perfect yet so please excuse any annoying bits while I am busy fixing it. I am hoping to have it ready for launch to celebrate 100K page views, but I thought I would still allow you guys to be able to view it in the mean time, so head on over and check it out here. FYI, there is no new content compared to this blog ...yet and remember it is not quite at its maximum amazeballs level of completion. Let me know what you think of the new look in the comments or on twitter @flickofapproval, I would love to hear from you! Yes, I finally changed my twitter to flickofapproval from flick_kitty, makes sense, no? This is not the flick_kitty of approval after all.

Thanks for reading, see you soon all shiny and new!

Flick xx

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